Simplify the Drupal UI with the Content Tools module

I've just released the first version of Content Tools for Drupal 7. This module aids the content creation process by simplifying some of the UI elements and workflow.

Drupal's backend can be intimidating for non-technical users. It looks like it was built by developers and could really use a good UI/UX overhaul. Additionally the process of creating content is slowed down by needing to click through the various vertical tabs at the bottom of the page to find settings such as tags, whether or not to publish to the front page, and other commonly used fields.

Finish those projects you never get to - coding, blogging, writing, and everything else.

I've just launched Aimfully for the iPhone! A productivity tool for anyone that wants to get more done each day. Aimfully breaks your projects and tasks down into smaller, easily completed intervals, helping you gain and keep momentum throughout the week. 

Check it out at

I'm currently working on the next version with goals, exportable reports, web access and shared group data. And of course an Android version.

New release of SimpleUploads module and updated documentation

I've updated the SimpleUploads module and tested it with the most current versions (as of this post) of Drupal 7, the ckeditor module, ckeditor library, and the SimpleUploads plugin. I've also updated the documentation. Anyone that previously had difficulties might want to give it another try. See the original post for updated installation instructions: Drag and Drop images into CKEditor in Drupal 7

Turn your Scrivener and Word docs into a website automatically.

I've just launched DocBoot, a web-based tool to convert your Scrivener and Microsoft Word documents into a website or online ebook. Your document is automatically converted into a sleek, navigable, mini-website. A table of contents is generated from your headings allowing users to quickly navigate your site. Perfect for documentation, ebooks, and other long-form content that you want to offer online.

Give it a try at

Drag and Drop images into CKEditor in Drupal 7

Using the simpleuploads plugin with CKEditor in Drupal 7

Technology should not get in the way of the act of creation. When typing a post it feels like a disruption in the flow of creativity to have to use a separate field to attach images and then use another method to insert them into the text. I wanted an easy way to just drag an image from my desktop right into the spot in the story I want to use it.