I'm constantly testing and experimenting with various technologies, tools, and services. Below are some recent experiments and tests, along with links to their repos. Keep in mind, these are not necessarily meant as full fledged, production ready applications, and often are customized towards a particular need of mine. But they can serve as a good starting point for further exploration by others.

Spacy / Tesseract Exploration

This github repo provides a dockerized environment for interacting with Spacy and Tesseract. The tools are wrapped in a Flask app allowing you to interact with them via a rest api. I used it to help migrate content for the new Drupal based South Carolina Revenue and Fiscal Affairs website. We had to migrate over thousands of Legislative Impact PDFs and wanted to extract content from them to use in discrete fields in a Fiscal Impact content type. This tool allowed passing in a pdf via the rest api, having it parse the pdf, and then have spacy return certain named entities that could then be used in the necessary fields when migrating.

Adam Kempler

A senior developer/architect, I run the GovWebworks AI Lab, develop large government and enterprise websites using Drupal, and explore how the convergence of design, technology, and AI can improve user experiences.

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